About Us

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for coffee

The perfect cup for you!

We are a micro roastery taking great pride in our roasting of only the best quality internationally sourced green beans.

We specialise in Single Origin beans from the coffee belt around the world. Constantly monitoring conditions and harvests to ensure the best quality from bean to cup.

Diggers Gold Coffee is also an online store dedicated to sharing our passion for coffee with all coffee lovers.

We also believe that all should enjoy a quality cup of coffee wherever you are and not just in a restaurant or coffee shop.

Our Equipment

Our roaster is a 6kg Genio Roaster from Genio Roasters – www.genioroasters.co.za. This is a roaster that combines history with the latest technology to ensure the same quality roast after roast. Our grinder is of the finest in the world to ensure the correct grind for your application. Our packaging is triple lined fitted with a one-way valve to lock in and preserve quality, freshness, and the sought-after aromas.

You can expect nothing else but 100% freshness cup after cup.

Recipe for the perfect cup of coffee
– Clean equipment.
– Fresh water (pH between 6.5–7.5).
– Quality fresh Diggers Gold Beans, 6 – 8 days after roast.
– Water temperature (96 degree Celsius is the ideal temperature with which to brew any coffee).
– Have a coffee moment = Happy moment!

Behind our quality coffee

We roast on order and do not keep many kilograms roasted beans in stock.

We supply you with only the freshest beans possible.