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“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.” Diggers Gold Coffee was born out of pure passion. Passion for a good cup of coffee but also what coffee REPRESENTS…hold that thought!

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Ethiopia is universally referred to as the birthplace of coffee. It is likely Coffea arabica first appeared in southern Sudan, but it only flourished once it spread into Ethiopia.


Kenya Blue Mountain

Kenya uses a grading system for all its exported coffee, regardless of whether the lot is traceable or not. The grading system uses a combination of bean size and quality. They assume that quality is linked to the size of the bean.


Uganda, on the shores of Lake Victoria, straddles the equator and is the source of the Nile. Its coffees benefit from a bi-average rainfall season, high altitudes, and a year-round pleasant climate.


The Jesuits first introduced coffee to Colombia in 1723. It spread slowly as a commercial crop to several regions of the country, but its production did not become substantial until the end of the 19th century. By 1912, coffee made up approximately fifty percent of Colombia`s total exports.


One of Guatemala’s best coffee farms (Finca El Morito) led by Mr. Roberto Monterroso,who planted his first coffee plant in 1979. Coffee is a passion for Mr Monterroso and he constantly refines his processes and readily experiments with new processing and cultivation methods as well as new cultivars and varietals.

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